Check for details on "Aventura", the 77' Expedition built at our former Real Ships facility in the United States.

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Here are recent photos of our newest 24 Meter Expedition launched in March. She is currently getting final fit out of railings, electronics and interior furniture and appliances.  Keep your eye here for better photography as we near completion.

The 24 Meter Expedition Yacht is powered by Twin John Deere 12.5 liter, 325 HP continuous duty diesels with keel cooling through an expansive network of integral piping on the steel hull. Twin Northern Lights Generators and dual inverters provide main and backup ships power. Dual engine powered Wesmar Hydraulics system guarantees redundant safety for the 115 HP Bow Thruster, Active Stabilizer fins, Maxwell Windlass and the 4000lb. Steelhead Marine Davit on the foredeck. All other electrical and mechanical systems have complete backup for peace of mind and safety at sea -- One John Deere engine can move this 24 Meter Expedition at 7 knots all day long and hold her nose into the seas, something not possible with a wing engine.

 The Realship Expedition interior features three staterooms with en-suite bathrooms and two small staterooms which adjoin a shared bath. The master stateroom is lofted with the sitting area a few steps up from the king bed and the salon features a beautiful bar and galley that is as inviting as it is spacious. The pilothouse is operations central with all around visibility and commanding view of the large foredeck with her 18’ Jet tender. The raised pilothouse dinette is a great place for guests to enjoy the view and the pilot berth is handy for catching a cat nap or relax while on anchor watch. Aft you’ll find the day head and door to a relaxing patio deck with grill. The cantilevered aluminum overhead offers plenty of protection from sun and rain as you watch your wake recede into the sunset. The pilothouse top is a technicians dream with abundant space for all the yacht’s electronics and lighting.

 Below decks incorporates ample room for inspections and maintenance in a central space we call tank alley. Located below the accommodations, tank alley gives access to the stabilizers, tanks and all under deck fresh water, waste and ship’s piping. Inspections are easy down a dedicated ladder just off the main companionway or a half door from the utility room. Two ways in and out for safety and no need to open a deck hatch and inconvenience your guests. The utility room midship features the main electrical panels and other systems. The last third of the hull is the dedicated engine room with the John Deere engines placed over large keel pods allowing them to be lower in the hull and only have 8’ straight shafts (no V-drives). This engine room aft arrangement leaves the best real estate in the boat for the owner and guests. The John Deeres are dry exhausted thru ultra-quiet custom stainless steel mufflers and the exhaust gasses exit at the waterline and are constantly washed by injected sea water just before leaving the boat. You can start this dry stacked yacht up anywhere without any concerns of “sooting” your neighbor.
 The 24 Meter Expedition is a steel hulled with aluminum superstructure. The hull and cabin are built on independent assembly jigs, which allow us to speed up the build time. The hull is started keel side up and once rolled over the cabin is mated to the hull. This is done with explosively bonded Detaclad bi-metal for welding the two materials together and avoiding any dissimilar metal issues. The heavier Steel hull is just where you want the weight, down low and not in the cabin above. Building the superstructure in aluminum gives us an advantage over the fiberglass builders that tend to be heavier in their superstructure construction. In addition strong aluminum construction allows us to create the cantilevered aft deck overhang. No supports or uprights to block your view as you wine and dine.

 Final fairing and painting is done using yacht finishes from Awlgrip or Alexseal. The Windows and doors are by Pacific Coast Marine with welded in frames that give a beautiful finished look of the glass floating in the cabin’s exterior. Building with Steel and Aluminum is the right choice in an offshore passagemaker. When she is finished her appearance is that of a fiberglass boat with her soft compound curves and radius edges. 

 Yacht construction in Thailand offers us the chance to do high-end luxury work without the onerous labor costs we faced in the United States. Thai labor is very skilled and more importantly, patient, a quality that is evident in their welding and carpentry. We did not move to Southeast Asia to build a cheaper boat, we moved here so we could continue our goal of building quality vessels we are proud of and will keep you safe and happy as you cruise into the future.


 I hope to hear from you soon,

 Joe Johnson